Beneficiary Name: GAROTA Limited Liability Company


Title of the project: Investment to increase production capacity at GAROTA Ltd.


The amount of the contracted support is: 33 054 838 Ft


Aid rate: 50%


Description of the project content: Within the framework of this project, GAROTA Ltd. has procured the acquisition of the following equipment: 1 Nissei ASB plastic injection and stretch blow molding machine. Machine model: ASB-12 M CE and 1 Boge SRHV 470-10 Oil-lubricated booster compressor. Both machines adapts to the current profile of the business and is intended to facilitate the development of the manufacturer's business. The Nissei type tooling is one of the most advanced technology available on the market. It is easy to program during the production process, and its capacity is well suited to the business idea and the demands of the market. The tooling is also easy to make if you need to make some changes to the end product. The Boge SRHV 470-10 Oil-lubricated booster compressor is also a must during production. With this equipment, the pressure in the manufacturing machinery can be increased, which results in an improvement in the quality of the final product and an acceleration of the production process.


Project Completion Date: 15/05/2019


Project ID: GINOP-1.2.1-16-2017-00596


Széchenyi 2020.


European Union


Government of Hungary


Investment in the Future


European regional developmental fund


Thank you for the support of the state of hungary and the Europen Union:


Garota Kft.


Investment to increase production capacity at Garota Kft.


Amount of non-refundable aid:


33,05 million hungarian forint

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